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Mobile App and Enterprise Development

Nowadays, mobile app is very popular in daily life and workplace. So we can conveniently apply mobile app to purchase online, chatting, reading, watching video and many many actions online. Certainly, enterprises also depend on mobile app to develop itself along with technological and scientific progress. So perhaps you will ask why customer end of mobile app will be important to enterprise development? Hereby I collect some important aspects of enterprise development related to application of mobile app.

Low Cost With High Effect

Mobile APP enables companies to achieve the best implementation results with the lowest advertising cost. Compared with traditional advertising methods, mobile APP ads need not be paid by clicks and broadcasts. Its graphic and vivid forms of advertising, both cost and effect, are superior compared with traditional advertising.


Old Customers Always Be Resources

Mobile APP can increase the stickiness of old customers, retain old customers, and let them become your most loyal word-of-mouth communicator. In this way, the word-of-mouth of customers can be improved.


Corporate Brand Image

Mobile APP can progressive Corporation’s brand height and credibility. Consumers use the Internet to log on to relevant enterprise platforms, and through mobile APP to understand the products and effects of the enterprise deeply, by this way to establish a corporate brand image and to increase consumer trust has an irreplaceable effect.


Speedy Information Transmission

Mobile APP allows information to be transmitted anytime, anywhere. Mobile APP communicates to the customer’s information will not be hindered by time or space reasons, can communicate or accept information in real time.


Precise Implementation

Mobile APP can help companies achieve precise implementation. APP delivers the latest information of the company quickly and accurately to the policy customers. For example, the company’s recent new products on the market or promotional activities, such as information, can be through the mobile phone APP to the customer at the first moment, this method of communication, both accurate and useful.


Develop New Customers

Mobile APP helps companies develop new customers. The company can quickly and usefully collect customer feedback information through APP, and can also complete instant message interaction, collect customer first-time response information, more conducive to the company’s development of new customers. Why enterprises choose Mobile App to develop its new customers? Actually it may present below,


  1. It is highly sensitive and simple and sensitive than any other promotional activity. Customers only need to scan the enterprise’s code to download mobile APP, then all kinds of information will be swept away.


  1. Customers can click the merchant APP anywhere on the cell phone to see all the activities information of the business, and evaluate the cost of participation.


  1. Applicants’ information can be released and posted at any time or anywhere with mobile phone. High efficiently implement information and check relevant implementation data.


Mobile App is really important and popular use around the world. In China, its development speed is absolutely Breathtaking and amazing. The most of enterprises have joined in it. Sinosources, the largest B2B trade platform in China, has tried B2B online with mobile App together, so that more better to serve domestic and abroad customers.

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